You will need
  • Map of the savings Bank passport.
Connect the service "Mobile Bank". This can be done in some terminals of the savings Bank or in a Bank, where you will be asked to write a statement. For this service, you will have to remove the monthly fee of 30 rubles (if you have a Maestro or Visa Electron) or 60 rubles (if you are a holder of Visa Classic or MasterCard Standard).
Complete the application for service connection "Sberbank Online" in the savings Bank Department. This will give you the opportunity to use online services with maximum functionality.
You will receive a password. After the service "Mobile Bank" will be activated (this happens during the day, and you will receive a message about it on the phone, send a SMS to number 900 to the following: the password XXXXX, where XXXXX is the last five digits of your card number. In reply SMS you will receive a password and a phone number to get the ID.
Get the user ID of the employee of the savings Bank, by calling the telephone number received in the SMS.
Go to the website of "Sberbank Online" at: Log on to your personal page using the ID and password. View the status of your account.