Service that allows to find out the balance of the card via the Internet, called the "Sberbank Online". To access it, you will have to take some action in real, not virtual world. First of all, you need to contact the operator of the savings Bank or find an ATM/terminal to gain access to the personal Cabinet on the website of the Bank. To do this, take a plastic card tied to the account. Insert the card in ATM or terminal, enter the code, and then in the menu, select "Internet service". Then click "Issue a permanent password to access Sberbank Online". The machine will give you two receipts: one with your user ID and permanent password, the other with 20 one-time passwords.
Go to the website of Sberbank. The site automatically redirects you to the page corresponding to your region. In the main menu, click the most right button "Sberbank Online". You will be taken to the login page, enter in the appropriate fields the user ID and permanent password with the check.
On your mobile phone, tied to the card, you will get a TEXT about trying to go into my account on the website. It try, since you still will not appear in the personal Cabinet. Now you got to the second level of security and must enter the one-time password from a check or other request a code by mobile phone. If you choose a confirmation SMS almost instantly on your Android phone will receive a message with a code that you enter.
If you choose the verification using one-time password, a popup window will appear where you will need to enter a password with a check of 20 passwords. Be careful, do not need to enter any password, and the one whose number is specified in the window. Also, here is the information, how much is left unused passwords.
Once you have successfully logged in to your personal page, the main window will appear, where you will be given brief information on the map. You will immediately see how much money you have on the card, if you look at the number in the green oval to the right of "Available". If you want to see the last few transactions on the card, it is enough in the same window, click on the link "expand".
Note the menu on the right side of the window. If you need more detailed information on transactions carried out online, click on the "History of operations in Sberbank Online".
You will be redirected to tab where you will be able to see more operations with your maps out in the Internet. Please note that you can select different time periods. Individual points made during the "week" and "month". Here not shown the operation on withdrawing money via ATM or credit card in real stores. For details of these operations, navigate to the Maps tab and click the name of the desired card.
You will open a window with detailed information on the map. Here will be painted as the last operation on the arrival and withdrawal of funds. You can also view detailed information, to receive a statement by e-mail or print it on the printer.