You will need
  • calculator or program 1C;
  • - work schedule.
Specify the wages to the watchman in the design of the employment contract. In accordance with the decree of the state Committee of labour 58/3-102 and the Ministry of labour of the Russian Federation 15A you can set a watchman salary or hourly rate.
Schedule the watchman you can set the 24-hour, 12-hour or 8-hour. Payroll perform in accordance with the General rules on the basis of the total number of hours worked in the month.
If the guard works the night shift, which, in accordance with the Labour code of the Russian Federation starts in 22 hours and end in 6 hours, then add to the total earnings of 20%, unless otherwise specified in internal legal acts of the enterprise.
For the work in the national holidays make a double payment irrespective of the job. If the employee has expressed a written desire to instead double payments for an extra day off, payment for work on holidays produce in single size.
For overtime charge double payment. The number of processed hours should consider, based on the total number of working hours per month.
For example, if the custodian receives the hourly rate in the amount of 100 rubles for one hour, then separately calculate all the working hours in night shifts, multiply by 100 and 20%. Separately calculate the payment for day shift. If the summed calculation of working hours exceeded the total normal work month based on the number of working days in a given month, multiplied by 8, all hours of processing multiply by 200 rubles.
To this amount add a reward or promotion that is specified in the legal acts of the enterprise, deduct income tax of 13%. The remaining amount will be charged for the labor for one month to get this job.
Don't forget that the guard has no right to use guns and other lethal weapons for protection. So if your company need armed guards, hire licensed security guards (article 2487-1 on security activities), salaries which are much higher than a simple mercenary guard.