If you pay bonuses or incentives enterprise Manager releases the order to a unified form approved by Goskomstat of the Russian Federation.
The award is paid in fixed amounts to each employee or a percentage of the sum of the salary.
The Manager may authorize the head of the structural unit to distribute the award to each employee separately, depending on the contribution of each in the successful operation process. In this case, is given a certain amount of the award to the entire staff of the structural unit.
When issuing your monthly premium as a fixed sum you want to calculate the remainder of salary after the advance payment, add to it the amount of the regional coefficient and awards and to take away the income tax.
If the premium is given as a percentage at the end of the month, it should calculate the sum of salary by deducting from salary issued, advance amount. The award is calculated by multiplying the total salary due to the percentage. Added to the district factor and deducted income tax. And income tax should be calculated with total earnings for the month.
Upon issuance of the award percentage for the quarter is calculated, the amount of average salary for the quarter. To do this, add up all the funds that had been withheld the withholding tax, divided by the number of calendar days in the calculation period and multiplied by 30.4. The resulting figure multiplied by the percentage of the award. With any award, monetary reward or remuneration is always calculated income tax, which is 13%.