You will need
  • - report card;
  • - primary accounting documents processing (written notice, consent, order, order);
  • calculator or program "1C";
  • - The labour code of the Russian Federation;
  • - Letter to the Fes No. 658-6-0 March 18, 2008.
To attract employees to work overtime you can only production needed. Pre-notify everyone who will be working beyond government-mandated standards, obtain the written consent, release order-an order with a list of all who are involved over and above the monthly norm.
In accordance with the labor legislation, even the production needed for overtime work cannot be brought more than 4 hours within two days. The total duration of work in excess of the monthly norm should not exceed 120 hours during one calendar year. If the employer violates established norms, it can involve in administrative responsibility under article 5.27 of the administrative code.
Under article 152 of the labour code the first two hours of processing pay at half rate, for the remaining hours charge double salary, hourly wage rate or double the size of the output.
In your collective bargaining agreement can specify other terms of payment of processed hours, but they can not violate the rights of workers and to be below the established norms of labor legislation.
At the request of the employee, you can give him an extra day off. In this case, all processing hours pay at single rate. The additional day off shall not be payable.
For payment processing employee on a salaried basis, calculate the cost of one hour in the accounting period. To do this, divide the salary by the number of hours in the settlement month. The first two hours count, based on factor of 1.5, subsequent hours are paid at a rate of 2 unless otherwise specified in the internal regulations of the enterprise and the collective agreement.
Staff from the development, use these coefficients according to the quantity of output.