You will need
  • calculator;
  • - employment contract.
Fold all paid for the year by a firm guard salary. To this amount, add all quarterly bonuses, allowances for waste the night hours and so on. Subtract from the figures of "hospital" over the last twelve months, payment for vacation days. Note that for access to work during the holidays, and recycling is charged double payment! For work at night add an extra twenty percent, provided that the employment contract does not say about other interest rate.
Count how many days, in fact the guard worked over the last year. The final result should be crossed out vacation days, holidays, weekends, of course, if this time does not fall out shift. Do not forget about the sick pay, they also do not include in total.
Divide the total amount of payments of salaries to the amount actually worked as a watchman days. So you will receive the average earnings of the worker for one day. Deduct from it income tax at the rate of thirteen percent, if it is withheld from wages and is not repaid by the company. The wages of the guard should be charged by the company in accordance with the tariff level 016-94. The organization has the right to determine the hourly rate for the employee or make a fixed salary.
If you need to calculate the average wages of watchman for one month, provided the hourly wage, first look at the employment contract. In this look, which has noted how much the firm on a fixed rate it pays for one working hour of an employee. Count how many hours has the night shift, not forgetting about all the overtime. Then multiply the resulting number by the number of actually worked for one year days. Divide it into twelve months – the required number will be found.