The company can increase the pay of employees for night work. This is set by the collective agreement and prescribed in the regulations of the company.
If the employee is paid a salary and not flat rate, it is necessary to determine the payment for one hour of work in a given month. This salary should be divided by the number of working hours per month. The resulting number is multiplied by the number of hours worked at night and on the percentageinstalled for the night work. If regulations of the company, not otherwise specified, 20% as required by legislative regulations.
When working at night, holidays and weekends should multiply salary by 2 or provide additional output. Additional payment for night hours should be made by multiplying the rate per hour calculated from the salary for the number of hours worked at night and on the percentage co-pay for night work.
If the employee attracted to work overtime in night hours, which exceeds the normal work schedule, the number of night hours multiplied by the rate per hour of work, multiplied by the percentage of the payment for night hours and multiply by two. Because overtime is paid at double rate.
To increase the salary for night watch wrong. When checking, the employer can impose a penalty for failure to pay for night hours or suspend operation of the enterprise for up to 90 days. Why night watch should always pay on the basis of the hourly wage rate multiplied by the number of night hours worked and the percentage of payment for work at night.