Advice 1: How to calculate wages for one day

The payroll for one day important when calculating holiday pay, dismissal, time off and other situations. This calculation is quite easy to produce, knowing a few rules.
How to calculate wages for one day
Salary for one day is calculated by dividing the annual salary by 12 and then by 29.4 (the average number of days in one month). Accordingly, you first need to calculate the annual chargefee, not forgetting that it could change - after probation or promotion.
It is worth remembering that when calculating salary for one day you need to only come from the fact that the contract is considered the salary of the employee. For example, one award or meals not taken into account. If the employee earns 50,000 a month, but 7,000 of which are considered to be a Supplement to food, respectively, to calculate we need to take 43,000 rubles.
When calculating the daily wage is necessary to exclude the time (and accrued amounts), when:
1. the employee received benefits for temporary disability, pregnancy and childbirth.
2. the employee was given extra days off to care for children with disabilities.
3. the employee did not work because of the employer or due to the occurrence of circumstances beyond the control of himself or the employer.
4. the employee was exempted fully or partially from work (with pay or without such preservation).
Example of calculation of wages for one day for an employee with a salary of 50,000 rubles in the first six months of operation and 60,000 rubles in the second six months of operation, provided that 7,000 rubles are a Supplement to food:
1. deducted from 50000 to 7000. Received 43000 - the monthly salary, from which we must proceed in the first six months of its work.
2. deducted from 60000 7000. Received 53000 - the monthly salary from which you want to come in the second six months of its work.
3. then multiply the 43000 for 6 months and 53000 for 6 months. The sums add up. It turns out the annual salary (576000 rubles).
4. 576000 rubles divided into 12. It turns out, the average monthly salary for the year - 48000 rubles.
5. then you must divide 48000 by 29.4. The result - the wages for one day - about 1633 of the ruble.

Advice 2 : How to calculate wages

Wages is an essential condition of the employment contract. Wage is the remuneration for the work which is obliged to pay the employer depending on skills, complexity, quality of labour expended.
How to calculate wages
Calculate the fixed part. The basic part of the salary of the official salary, i.e. the amount per calendar month depending on the employee's qualifications and the complexity of the work. If standard working time is not fully developed in a calendar month (there was a period of temporary disability, leave without pay), the payment is reduced in proportion to time worked. For example, 21 working days in the month the employee is paid 20 000,00 rubles. If you actually worked 10 days, the payment shall be:

21дн. x 20 000,00 RUB. /21дн. = 9 523,81 R.
More difficult to calculate a fixed part at the established tariff rate. In this case, the number of worked hours multiply by the size of the tariff.
Calculate the variable part. All compensation and incentive payments. Compensation represent various kinds of payments for special production or climatic conditions. Such payments provided by the legislation and, of course, must be paid. Incentive payments mean premium reward for achievement of high indicators in work and are at the discretion of the employer. The rationale for the payment and for the deprivation of the percentage of the award should be strictly fixed in position or order.
Calculate the size of the deduction. Of the total accrued employee the amount of (constant and variable part) subtract:

- the amount of the tax to incomes of physical persons, accounting for 13%;

- the amount of other deductions which are made, for example, on the basis of the writ.
The wages are regulated between the employee and the employer in the employment contract between the labour collective and the employer in the collective agreement, other local normative act.
Useful advice
The employee is guaranteed the minimum wage, which may not be below the subsistence minimum.
The same work should be paid equally.

Advice 3 : How to calculate salary per month

Salary per month depends on the amount of waste you days + bonus + regional factor + amount of recycled watch minus the amount of tax of 13%. Therefore, how long you have worked, how it worked, will depend on the amount that you will receive.
Salary per month depends on the amount of waste you days
The amount of your salary divide by the number of working days this month. You will receive an amount of remuneration for one working day.
In order to learn the amount earned for one hour of work, divide the amount of your salary on the number of hours you need to work in a given month.
Watch for processed beyond the number of hours in a given month, you are eligible for double payment. It turns out that for all recycled watch you get double pay or extra day off, which will be paid.
Not finalized required in a given month the hours will be deducted from wages.
Now consider. Amount for one hour of work in a given month multiplied by the number of hours you worked, to the sum add the amount of the premium and the regional factor. From the resulting sum deduct the amount of tax, representing 13% of all earned money. Consider the following example:
Your salary is 100,000 rubles.

In the month of 20 working days, then 160 working hours (labour code of RF).

One day of work get 500 rubles (10000:20=500).

One hour of work get 62 rubles 50 kopecks.

You worked every day. Turns out the wages you will be paid in full, that is 10,000 rubles.

Area ratio, for example, is 15% (each area ratio). 10000+1 500=11500.

If the premium was 20%, the sum of 11500+2000=13500.
From this amount, subtract the amount of tax of 13%. It turns out 13500=1755=11745. This will be the amount of your salary for a month. When additional hours worked, you need to the amount of basic salary add double the amount of processing. For example, it looks like this:
Additionally worked 40 hours. Multiplied by the amount of pay per hour of working time and add to the amount of the basic salary. In this example, 40 hours equals 2500 (40*62,5=2500). 10000+2500+1500+2000=16000 = this earned amount. 16000=2080=13920, is the amount you will receive.

Advice 4 : How to calculate salary per day

Wages for one day of work have to rely for the payment of annual leave, maternity leave, sickness benefit or not fully the hours worked in the month. For each calculation takes a certain amount. Proceeding from it, is determined by the average daily salary.
How to calculate salary per day
To calculate the benefits for sick pay and the amount of maternity leave you must calculate the average wages for one day of work on the basis of earnings over 24 months. The total amount of funds do not include payments for social benefits for the period calculated time. Take only the amount which was withheld and remitted income tax. Cash prizes and remuneration in the total estimated amount are recorded.
Add up all money earned and divide by 730. Get the sum of the average wages for one day of work, the basis for calculated payments on social benefits.
To calculate the average wages for one day of work to pay cash for the next holiday or payment for unused annual leave is taken the amount earned in the 12 months before the settlement period. The amount received in social benefits which are not calculated and do not mention income tax, in the amount of calculation are not accepted. All others received cash payments must be added and divided by 365. Get the sum of the average wages for one day of work that is counted when calculating payments for leave days.
If you want to calculate the average wage for one day of work to pay for an exhaust for a month is the average amount for one day of work in a given month. For the amount of salary divide by the number of working days in the month, put to work on schedule. Will the amount of average daily wages in a given month.
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