Salary for one day is calculated by dividing the annual salary by 12 and then by 29.4 (the average number of days in one month). Accordingly, you first need to calculate the annual chargefee, not forgetting that it could change - after probation or promotion.
It is worth remembering that when calculating salary for one day you need to only come from the fact that the contract is considered the salary of the employee. For example, one award or meals not taken into account. If the employee earns 50,000 a month, but 7,000 of which are considered to be a Supplement to food, respectively, to calculate we need to take 43,000 rubles.
When calculating the daily wage is necessary to exclude the time (and accrued amounts), when:
1. the employee received benefits for temporary disability, pregnancy and childbirth.
2. the employee was given extra days off to care for children with disabilities.
3. the employee did not work because of the employer or due to the occurrence of circumstances beyond the control of himself or the employer.
4. the employee was exempted fully or partially from work (with pay or without such preservation).
Example of calculation of wages for one day for an employee with a salary of 50,000 rubles in the first six months of operation and 60,000 rubles in the second six months of operation, provided that 7,000 rubles are a Supplement to food:
1. deducted from 50000 to 7000. Received 43000 - the monthly salary, from which we must proceed in the first six months of its work.
2. deducted from 60000 7000. Received 53000 - the monthly salary from which you want to come in the second six months of its work.
3. then multiply the 43000 for 6 months and 53000 for 6 months. The sums add up. It turns out the annual salary (576000 rubles).
4. 576000 rubles divided into 12. It turns out, the average monthly salary for the year - 48000 rubles.
5. then you must divide 48000 by 29.4. The result - the wages for one day - about 1633 of the ruble.