You will need
  • - decree of the trade Union;
  • - employment contract;
  • - internal regulations;
  • - form graphics;
  • - handle.
Match schedule guards at each reporting period. Reporting period count one month of work. When scheduling, consider the opinion of the trade Union and the employee.
When scheduling, consider article 94 of the labour code. If your organization's payroll is a summarized account of working time during the reporting period, you have the right to make any chart. For example, each guard can work 24 hours, but after the work shift must be at least 48 hours of rest. For continuous protection of enterprise you will have to take 3 guards.
If you set a work schedule of 24 hours work and 72 hours off, then you have to take 4 guards.
Setting a schedule for 8 hours, that is three-shift work, 3 guard will protect the company per day of work. Every guard under labour law may not work more than 6 days in a week, that is, you have to take 1 or 2 replacement employees.
Can set 12-hour shift. According to the TC at the 12-hour day working time may not exceed 40 hours per week. That is, the legislator allows the employer to apply any schedule, the main thing to work is alternated with laid rest, the duration of which may not be less than 42 hours per week (article 110, labour code).
Also keep in mind that the night shift shall be shortened by 1 hour (article 96, labour code). So if it lasts a normal amount of time, in addition to payment for the work on the night 20% surcharge, processed one hour you are required to pay double the amount.
Before non-working holidays working hours cut by 1 hour (article 95, labour code). If this is not possible, then an extra hour is subject to a double payment.
Do not set a schedule, which will indicate two shifts in a row for the same employee without put hours of rest (article 103 TK the Russian Federation). This means that if the schedule is 24 hours, the next day should be a day of rest. If schedule 8 or 12 hours, it is only in exceptional cases can be extended shift. For example, if guard there is no one to change, if there is an emergency at the plant or man-made disaster.
If you have installed work three shifts, every week you are required to alternate shifts.