Read the article 152 of the labour code to clarify the calculation of wages for overtime. Count clock processing in accordance with a difference between hours actually worked and hours that the employee worked additional. In the case of irregular working hours, the employee also receives an extra paid vacation.
Calculate the cost per working hour in the billing period for payment processing employee. Divide the salary by the number of working hours in the current billing period, then multiply the resulting value by the number of additional hours. The number you get multiply by two. Add the given value to the salary, not forgetting to take into account regional factor and the premium, subtract 13% and an advance if it was already issued. The result will be the employee's salary for the current month.
The employee may Express in writing a desire to instead double payments for an extra day off. In this case, all hours processing must be calculated in single size. For those who receive salary, calculate the amount of working hours in a specified way, multiplying on the redesigned clock. The obtained value add to the salary the regional coefficient and awards. Subtract income tax and advance if it was already issued earlier.
Processing to calculate an employee's hourly wage rate. To do this, multiply the processed clock rate, calculate a separate payment for the work hours schedule in the billing period, add the award to the district factor and subtract the down payment.