You will need
  • - employment history;
  • - the statement;
  • INN, the insurance pension certificate;
  • - the employment contract (fixed or indefinite);
  • - order form T-1;
  • - job description.
The duties of the watchman comes on duty at the entrance or check the given object for the safety and notification in case of danger, the relevant authorities by phone or using the panic button. In accordance with applicable law, the caretaker is not required to be responsible and carry protection with the use of special equipment. It can only be performed by licensed security guards (article 2487-1 on the security activity). Also the guard has no right to make the preservation and protection of the life or health of people, protect special objects to perform direct access mode of the special economic zones. All of this can be done by licensed professionals only.
Article 209 of the civil code allows the owner to decide who will guard his property is a licensed security guard or watchman. Therefore, if the property owner has opted for the lookout, he has no right to require him special functions to ensure safety. TK allows to demand from a watchman only providing timely notice of possible property damage or threat of theft.
In accordance with the labor legislation, the guard must present employment workbook, INN, pension insurance certificate, to write a statement. No other types of documents TC is not provided, if the custodian does not have access to places of manufacture or storage of products. In this case, you also require sanitary book.
The employment contract can be issued urgently, not more than two months, or indefinite. The employment contract should contain all conditions of operation guard. In particular: the regime of work, wages, social guarantees, obligations, etc. as a Separate line in the document identifies the actions the caretaker if the property in danger of damage or theft.
After signing the employment contract, the employer issued the order unified form T-1. A record is logged in a work book and a personal card of the employee.
The janitor familiar with the job descriptions and entrusted assets.