You will need
  • - documents of the employee;
  • forms of orders for personnel;
  • - employment contract;
  • - labor legislation;
  • - personnel documents;
  • printing and documents of the organization.
When applying for the position of the employee you should make a statement. It must contain the company name, position, surname, initials of the head of the organization and the employee's personal data. The statement signed by the expert, is dated.
Conclude with the worker the employment contract. To specify rights, obligations of the parties. In terms of payment for execution of labour function by the employee, specify the hourly tariff rate. Its size is calculated by finding the wage per hour. Payouts are awarded a specialist Pro rata to their time. Sign the agreement (contract) signed by the Director, with the seal of the company. The employee should also put his signature from the employee.
The contract serves as the basis for the issuance of the order (use form T-1). Specify the header of the document, name of organization, city. Date, number order. The theme of the document will be a reception at the officer. Administrative part of the order must contain the personal data of the expert's job title, Department name, and the wage rate, which is set for workers with hourly form of payment. Guide the certification document signed by the Director, printing company. Become familiar with the order of the employee.
Start on the employee's personal ID card, enter the required information. Complete the workbook. The record of the employee's position with hourly wage as follows. Put serial number, date of entry. The information about the job, specify the job title, Department, company name, admits specialist. The reason to write number, date of the order.
If you decide to transfer the employee to an hourly wage, you must obtain from the employee written consent. To the contract with the specialist sign a supplementary agreement, sign the document, seal, signature of Director and the employee. Make an order about the change of working conditions, inform them of the employee under signature.
The second version of the design, the hourly wage would be to have the specialist on part-time work. To do so, executed the agreement, issued an order on the incomplete working day.