You will need
  • calculator;
  • - the program "1C payroll and personnel".
To calculate the hourly wage rate for the current month in pay, the employee spent a month not completely, divide the salary by the number of working hours according to the schedule in the billing period. You will receive the cost of one hour which must be multiplied by the hours actually worked. To this amount add the district factor, if it applies in your area, subtract the 13% income tax and issued a part of the salary paid in advance. The result will be equal to the employee's salary in the settlement month.
To determine the hourly rate with incentive pay, calculate the average earnings for three months. You should put all amounts which you held an income tax, divide by the number of working hours. The result will be equal to the hourly wage rate contractor. This calculation can be applied when you transfer from piece-rate to hourly rate or payment is not fully completed work month.
To determine the average number of working hours, please read annual letter of Ministry of labor. In the annual message given detailed explanations on the calculations of working time in each month of the year.
If you need to calculate the average hourly tariff rate to pay for travel, vacation, put all the earned amount in 12 months, divide the total number of hours in the billing period. One-time payments, material assistance, social benefits in the total estimated amount does not include. Having a calculation based on the amount of earnings from which you withhold personal income tax of 13%.
When the transfer of all employees from the salary or incentive earnings to hourly tariff rate you are required two months before the change to notify all in writing and issue to the employment contract supplementary agreement.