Payroll guard is slightly different than the calculation of the payment for work of other employees. During the calculation consider all aspects of the security guard and the rules for payroll in General. Depending on the mode in which the company operates or any organization that employs watchmen, changing the payroll for such workers. For example, the salary of the janitor at the school will be different in terms of accrual from the standard salary of any other employee. However, in most cases, the guard hired for the night, so you need to clearly know how to calculate the salary of the guard in all rules.
The payroll of the guard rely on the balance of work of the enterprise. If the object is protected rent, it is better to divide the schedule of work of the watchman in the night and day shifts.
Day shift pay based on the General rules of accrual of salary. Because the protection of objects happens every day, day shift may fall on a weekend or holiday. In this case, pay watchdogs rate double. Night shifts are considered, starting from 22:00 and ending at 6:00. In this case, charge the employee the basic rate of salary, adding to it 35% of the hourly rate for each hour worked. The order of payment on weekends and public holidays remains the same as when the payroll daily to the guards.
It is not recommended to set the 24-hour working day for a watchman. Better divide it into two or three shifts. So you get rid of the problems with payroll questions from the inspection bodies in connection with the introduction of it in the documentation. To properly allocate the salary per day is much more complicated than the standard eight-hour day. In addition, you don't have to charge you for overtime hours.