You will need
  • - the order of the Director
  • - written consent of the employee
Place your order for your enterprise in which you want to display the order of the head about the necessity of the execution by the employee of overtime. The initiative of the employer about carrying out of overtime works can be stated also orally. You must then obtain the written consent of the employee for implementation of these overtime. In case of refusal, the employer has no right to bring him to excessive labour.
Determine the number of overtime hours spent by the employee on the job set out in the order Manager. The number of overtime hours it is possible to determine, given the method of accounting of working time in the enterprise. When the day account of working hours overtime hours think hoursthat the employee worked in excess of the working day. The duration of the working day is regulated by the employment contract. In the summarized record of working time the amount of excess time must be calculated only at the end of the accounting period. In this case, calculate the difference between hours actually worked and normal hours of work during the accounting period. The norms of working time for each year are determined by labor legislation. Usually taken into account a five-day workweek.
Calculate the additional payment to employee for overtime work or grant him additional leave. Note that for overtime work, the employee relies on increased payment for each hour worked in excess of. The first two hours of overtime must be paid at the half rate of the average wage per hour working time. Subsequent hours are paid at double time. Allowed compensation overtime employee by providing additional leave.