For registration of specifications on VTEK or ITU use a special form. Specify the surname, name and patronymic of the employee, his personal data: date of birth, complete educational institution, specialty received. Select the start date of his work in your enterprise.
In the questionnaire of the characteristics give a brief description of previous employment of the employee. If he had worked for companies associated with difficult working conditions or increased risks reflect the dates and periods of such work, enter the names of the companies where he worked.
Since it is a characteristic for physicians who will determine whether human health will allow him to continue to work in your company, give it the hygienic characteristics of the conditions of his labor. Write to his position and assess the main employment duties, and reflect the mode of its operation.
Write in the description how the work of the employee linked with productivity, and give a quantitative estimate of production standards. Reflect in it, tied if it work with travel on official business and how often it has to do.
Email, is there a way to perform re-qualification of the employee and can translate it to work with the facilitated working conditions. If there is the possibility of establishing a partial working day or working week, to reflect her characterization.
Select the document matching the signature of the doctor your enterprise, head of legal Department and head of the personnel Department. Sign the document with signature and stamp of the organization.