When you are required to provide a reference from your place of residence, you generally don't know who to ask for it. It should be a person or group of persons otherwise holding information about you. So ask for a household characteristic (as it is called) of the district or the Secretary in the housing Department. Keep in mind that you can make it yourself, but be sure to assure her of your district, a senior on the porch or to collect signatures of neighbors. Often require also to specify the passport data of witnesses that the document was valid.
Need to issue it as a regular feature. However, it is necessary to reflect, first and foremost, it does not violate a person of the conditions of living together with neighbours, were not involved to criminal and administrative liability, whether there are claims from the tenants or the district.
First of all, enter your surname, name, patronymic of whom is characteristic.
Then write the date of birth and his home address. Don't forget to mention what year he lives at this address.
If the person lives with the family, describe how the relationship with the household: does financial assistance to the family, friendly whether in relation to spouse and children, not whether the suit scandals.
Also indicate in the description what it in relations with neighbours, always polite, do not break the silence after eleven in the evening, smoke in the stairwell.