Take a sheet of paper of standard A4 or company letterhead, mark it "Feature".
Specify personal information of an employee: surname, name and patronymic of the person, the date of his birth. Write in it when and which school he graduated.
The next step will be to provide information about his employment activities on your enterprise. Enter the full name of the company, his position and work experience. Describe briefly his career, check the basic labor successes and achievements. Write about what courses he has completed, what trainings and conferences he attended. Assess his personal and business qualities, describe it from the professional side, mark those qualities that are needed for production: efficiency, diligence, discipline, ability to work with documentation and business letters.
If you are characteristic for the employee, which requires him to provide in any other company, write in the end of the document, for what purpose and to what organization appears to be characteristic.
Specify an official who will sign the document. Usually it is signed by one or more designated officials: Director or his Deputy, the head of the personnel Department. Signatures will need to certify with the company seal.
After signatures, indicate the date of the characteristics of employment.