You will need
  • Documents of the employee, the form of certificate of center of employment, documents, printing company, payroll for the employee, pen, calculator, shop calendar.
Help to employment center has a unified form and is given to a citizen who wants to register.
In the upper left corner fill in the full name of the company in accordance with the constituent documents or a surname, name, patronymic of a physical person, if the legal form of organization – sole proprietorship. Specify the full address of the place of business of the company (postcode, region, city, locality, street name, house number, building, office), contact telephone number of the firm, the main state taxpayer identification number, taxpayer identification number, reason code of registration. If the enterprise has its own emblem, put it.
Enter the surname, name, patronymic of the employee in accordance with the identity document. Specify the duration of this citizen in your organization, write the date of receipt and the date of termination in accordance with the entry in his workbook.
Specify the number of calendar weeks in the last twelve months preceding the actual date of dismissal of the employee.
Write the names of the last three months. In accordance with the design statement for this employee, enter the amount of earnings during these months. For each month, indicate the number of working days according to the plan for the employee and the actual number of days worked. Specify the number of days of absence of the employee on sick leave if this occurs. Enter the number of vacation days, if available for the requested period, the citizen went on vacation. For each column, calculate total amounts, adding the figures for the last three months.
Calculate the average daily earnings of the employee during the last three months. To do this, fold the wage for each month and divide by the total number of days worked over the previous three months. Enter the result in the corresponding field.
Calculate average monthly earnings, the total amount of the employee's salary, divide by the total number of actual days. Received multiply the result by the total number of actual days divided by three. Enter the average wage per month in figures and words.
If wages are not paid to the employee during the specified period, indicate this fact and enter the name of the month and the reason for the nonpayment.
Specify the account number or the payroll, on the basis of which issued this certificate.
Sign the document the head of the organization and the chief accountant, indicating their names and initials. Assure a certificate printing company, enter the contact phone number of the company.