Internal and external characteristics of employment

This feature is for internal use may be required in the case when the company's management will need to learn more about those professional and personal qualities of prospective employee want to improve. However, if the employee want to get rid of because of its unsuitability for the post or repeated violation of the house rules, rather, this characteristic of his immediate superior may also be required.

In these cases, the feature may be executed on simple paper and not on letterhead of the company. It is a document for internal use and present information does not require permission to publish from the worker protected by the law on protection of personal data.

The external feature may be required to the employee. This document may prompt the Bank where he wants to get a loan, or to the Consulate of a foreign state, where he prepares a visa. The characteristics of employment and may request the administrative or judicial authorities, and it may be necessary to provide in the SAI. Sometimes this feature at the request of the family shall be issued for a former employee, who is in prison who want to make parole. In these cases, the feature should be printed on company's letterhead paper and signed by his supervisor. Letterhead of the enterprise, which lists all its details, makes the characteristic of a legal document, the contents of which the signatory person responsible. In the text of the external characteristics must be indicated, for submission to which authority it was issued.

What should be the characteristics of employment

The contents of this document should with the maximum degree of objectivity to reflect professional skills and experience, personal qualities of the person. It usually specifies the date on which he has worked in the enterprise, so that it can be judged how he managed to prove themselves in this period.

In the characteristic from a work place writing about how people coped with their responsibilities and how faithfully he performed them. An important part of this document is a paragraph, which reflects his personal qualities help or hinder him to perform his job duties, as well as a description of his relationship with colleagues. When compiling external characteristics should be taken into account that this document may have an impact on the decision which will take the requesting authority.