Go around the neighbors in advance, explain to them the reasons why it took household characteristics. Coordinate with the text features, write down their exact names, names and patronymic, address of residence, to after it is printed, they have only to put the signature at the appropriate place.
Characterization is written in an arbitrary, ad-hoc form, but in its design it is better to adhere to certain rules. In the header specify the type of features and surname name and patronymic of the person to whom it is given, the full address of his residence.
In household characteristics, you can specify personal data: year and place of birth, complete educational institution, acquired a specialty, place of work. Specify what year the citizen resides at the specified address. Describe the composition of the members of his family residing with him, and specify the age of the minor children.
Then write the sentence: "According to the testimony of the neighbors:...". After that, list all those who volunteered to put his signature under this characteristic. Enter last name, first name and patronymic, address of residence of each.
In the characterization necessarily reflect the complaints of the citizen of the neighbors, established relationships with them, the facts of abuse of alcohol or drugs, compliance with the rules of the hostel. If there was evidence of socially useful activities when landscaping the yard or porch, don't forget to reflect in the characteristics and their. Any positive aspects needs to be described in detail.
Collect the signatures of all who is specified in the feature. It must be certified. Please contact the homeowners or the housing office that serves your area. To assure the characteristics you need and your local inspector. His signature and seal will serve as proof that the contents characteristics are not contrary to the facts.