You will need
  • a standard sheet of A4 paper; seal
The first thing to do when preparing work specification is to define the purposes for which it is compiled. This will help to focus the attention of potential readers on those facts and the abilities of the worker that are needed in each case. Sets out the characteristics from the 3rd person of the past or the present.
The design of the header part.
In the header of the working characteristics indicated:
• the name of the document (Feature);
• the name of the organization that provided the characteristic;
• the position of the employee;
• Surname, name and patronymic of the employee completely in the nominative case.
Making personal pieces.
The first paragraph contains the characteristics of personal data of the employee:
• Surname, name and patronymic (name);
• Date of birth;
• Education showing over educational institutions;
• The specialty or profession of the employee;
• The title or academic degree (if any);
Registration data on career employee.
Labour activity of the employee in the working characteristic is reflected in the following sequence:
• In what year and in what position the employee began his career in the organization (if desired, also indicate your previous jobs in reverse chronological order);
• Information about career movement of the employee within the same organization (when and where it was transferred);
• The results of work of the employee (or his personal achievements, as well as participation in joint projects);
Registration of data on professional competence of the employee.
This feature piece is designed to assess the professional and personal qualities of the worker, manifested in the course of employment in the company.
The design of the final part.
The opinion shall state the purpose of the working characteristics (the characteristics of the employee compiled for performance...). Signature of the head stamped with the organization seal.
Date features affixed to the left under the signatures.
Operating characteristics shall be compiled in 2 copies – the original is passed to send, a copy is saved in your organization.