Write the characteristics on external request from the court on the letterhead of your company. It is obligatory to specify its full name, postal address and contact numbers.
In this case, the address part in the feature would not be available. From under the "cap" Blanca write with capital letters the word "Feature" and write the surname, name and patronymic of the employee to whom it is written.
The first part features after the words "Dana" and mention the names and initials of the employee write his personal data, his year of birth, whether a citizen of the Russian Federation, with a year working or have worked in your company, in any position.
Write about what was included or part of his duties, and about how he treated or treat them, how faithfully and efficiently he to do the job, do their responsibility for it. If he were rewards for success in work or implemented improvement suggestions, don't forget to mention these facts.
If the employee was trained, attended training sessions, received additional education, it is also reflect in the feature, noting its pursuit of knowledge and their own empowerment.
The bulk of the specifications will devote his personal qualities and relationships with staff. Note how much he enjoyed prestige among colleagues, whether they recognized his leadership, respected or not. Well, if he was engaged in public work, was an organizer, to take the initiative. Tell us about it.
At the end of data write, that it is given to provide upon request of the court. Sign her immediate supervisor of the employee, the head of the company and endorse the head of the personnel Department.