Take the corporate form of enterprise with its details. Mark the date and registration number of the document. To the right of the details box, specify the location of presentation characteristics (if known). In the center write the word "Characteristic".
Specify the full surname, name and patronymic of the employee, date of birth, place of work, education, family status (single, married, married, etc.) for Example, Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich, born in 1987, works of Sokol, OOO-KOMPANI" may 12, 2007 specialty car mechanic. Secondary special education. Married with a son, 2 years."
List the main functions and responsibilities of the employee in the position.
Evaluate professional and personal qualities of the worker:
a) the quality of the business: provide practical skills employee's ability to organize itself on execution of the work, the activity in finding a more rational solution to the problem, knowledge of legal and regulatory acts, the degree of adaptability to the innovations and activity when performing different types of work, please rate the quality of assignments, etc.;
b) to the business qualities of managers are the ability to organize subordinates, monitor their activities, interaction with the heads of other departments and organizations, settlement of conflict situations in the team, evaluation of the efficiency of the Department.
C) psychological qualities: responsibility, kindness, purposefulness, sociability, responsiveness, etc.
Specify awards, titles, honorary certificates (if any), production performance of the employee. Complaints and disciplinary sanctions are also entered in the production characteristics.
If you do not specify the location of presentation characteristics, it is usually used this sentence: "Feature issued to provide for the space requirements.
Make 2 copies of the production characteristics: one copy stays with the employee for submission at the place required, the second is the employer.
Assure characteristic. To do this, specify the position of the head of the company (division, branch, etc.) and of chief of staff. They must put their signature with decryption. Ascertain the signature seal of the company.