You will need
  • - computer,
  • printer.
Start with standard characteristics data for an employee: surname, name, patronymic, date of birth. Specify position and date of appointment of the nurse on her.
Write the data obtained by the nurse education and completed advanced courses. Next, proceed to the disclosure of these data. That is, describe the application of acquired education into practice, as well as refresher courses and advanced training. In chronological order the positions.
Rate the personal qualities of the employee required and assist in the work. During the work of a nurse may show itself as a disciplined Executive employee. She can be sociable and competent employee.
Describe how the nurse was acting (efficiently, in a timely manner or mediocre and unprofessional). Be sure to specify whether the employee legal regulations of the health authorities and job descriptions of the hospital.
If you have any comments and claims to work with superiors, other employees or patients, please indicate on the end of the document. Or write that the nurse has no complaints and penalties. Not superfluous to specify and relationships with patients, and describe them with the words "friendly", "professional".
Make a feature-meets or not this is the nurse office. If necessary, give a recommendation on changing the place of work.