Start drafting specifications providing accurate information, including information about the date and place of birth.
If you have any information about the parents, family status, write about this.
Define which academic disciplines are most successfully dealt with if there are any results. For example:
Especially good were engaged in on the exact items. Participated in city Olympiads in physics. Has prizes for participation in scientific conferences.
If you know about the passion of some kind of sport or technique, visit clubs or sports clubs, will reflect this.
In the feature be sure to write about what was observed if a person has any talent. For example, he writes poetry or prose, good draws or knows a foreign language plays in Amateur theatre or is scripts for events in the team.
Write what kind of education a person has, when and where he studied. Mark worked on a specialty and what time.
If he worked in the same field, enter the name of the organization and feedback from work. Don't forget to write, what position he held, increased their qualifications (when and where).
Take note of what relations developed in a team with classmates or co-workers, sociable or contentious man is, whether finds colleagues, is there the makings of a leader. If there were conflicts, for example, with the employer or clients of the organization is important for performance.
Write which way of life leads people, whether there is passion bad habits what physical development and health. For example:
Physically well developed, is passionate about sports. Bad habits are not allowed.
The characteristics should be reflected whether a criminal record or police, and also - how mentally stable person.