For a long time and a high level of work
For example, if you are highly professional and are going to work for high-level positions, and for a long time, you will need a residence permit. However, Finnish officials loyal to such applications, and your employer, if he is really interested in you, will always render necessary assistance. So to make a summary and send it to profile Finnish companies – let this be the first step towards getting a job in Finland.
Registration of residence permit can be started only after receiving the official invitation from the Finnish employer. Already in Finland you need to submit to the Embassy/Consulate special completed form application for residence permit, make him a job offer from the employer and pay a fee of 200 euros. If the residence permit you will be denied – this money will be returned to you.
For seasonal jobs that do not require skilled labor
In this case, you permit to not be required. You can collect berries and mushrooms, strawberries and peas. The season for this work starts in April and ends in September. Most employers for this kind of work prefer to hire students. Payment, accommodation and food provided by the employer, and already it depends on the conditions in which you will live and how well you will eat. Most often, information about such work can be obtained by "word of mouth" from those who have already worked in Finland.
Other types of work
In Finland you can get another job – do not have to crawl on strawberry plantations or slap on the marshes, gathering cranberries. To do this you need the invitation of the employer, and you will be limited in time, without a residence permit the citizen of Russia can stay in Finland for more than three months.
At the moment the most active users of foreign labor are the companies related to IT-technologies, construction and agriculture. Behind hospitality and tourism business social services (mainly require nurses and Junior medical staff).
To obtain information about job vacancies on the website of the Ministry of labour of Finland You can also get information about possible employers in Petrozavodsk. Some time ago in the capital of Karelia began its work the Information Centre labour mobility and students, whose office is in the Ministry of labour of the Republic of Karelia. The website address of the Center