Will receive the finished higher education (preferably profile – legal). It is a prerequisite for consideration of your candidacy for vacant positions in the National Central Bureau of Interpol.
Pass military service in the Armed forces (or complete training in a military school). This paragraph concerns mainly men.
Your age should not exceed 35 years.
Complete training in the police Academy (it is desirable to have excellent performance) or in other words, at the Academy of the interior Ministry. This is necessary in order to carry out their work in the division Interpoland professionally.
Learn foreign languages: French and English. French is necessary for conducting business correspondence with the Headquarters of Interpoland English for international negotiations. Learn able to work on the computer.
Pass a medical examination and get the examination.
Get positive references from previous work places.
Prepare all documents according to the list established by the rules of admission to work in the NCB Interpoland Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.
If you have any further questions, please contact us by tel: 719-74-91, 332-09-06 National Bank, Interpoland Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia (E. V. Eremin).
Get interesting job in the Russian Department of the National Bureau, which is today unique in its kind. It is part of Interpoland international organizations, which successfully leads the fight against international crime and helps in the fight against international terrorism.