To have the right to reside in Finland for more than three months, the foreigner must obtain a residence permit (residence permit) in this country. Under the Finnish legislation, this right can be granted in case of family reunification (relocation of children to parents or parents to children, marriage to a citizen of Finland), while receiving work permits, while teaching in public schools or in case of repatriation, that is, the tenderer should have Finnish roots.
Residence can be of different types and issued to different periods. The minimum term is 12 months. To obtain a residence permit is possible only through state bodies. Must submit an application to the Embassy of Finland in your country of residence (for citizens of Russia in Moscow or in Consulate General St. Petersburg).
The decision on granting a residence permit is taken by the Migration service of Finland. The statement of the applicant is considered within 1.5 to 11 months, depending on the submitted studies. Faster and easier just to consider applications associated with the move to the place of study or work. In the case of approval of the application of the initial permission to stay in the country is given a limited period of one year, regardless of how many years it is planned to train or work.
After a year of stay in Finland you must submit a petition for extension of residence permit. Permission for permanent stay may be granted only after 4 years of residence provided that the person is in Finland continuously, that is more than 6 months in a year.
Continuous (long) permission to stay in the country can get at one time for a period of not more than 4 years, then it will have to extend. To qualify for a continuous residence permit is married to a Finnish citizen or with a long-term employment contract with the current Finnish company.