Before you make a final decision about applying for a job in Northern regions, you should carefully weigh. Alternatively, you can work in shifts, and can move to permanent residence.
Jobs from the Northern regions can be viewed on specialized sites. This will allow you to analyse the labour market in the North, to pick up an acceptable option. When applying for a job on a rotational basis you will not have to look for housing, to register. Usually the accommodation of shift workers provides the employer. Also, in some cases they are provided food. As a rule, travel of employees to and from work and back paid.
When the decision of moving you will need to consider the environment. Well, if you where to stay for the first time. Removal of property will require you a considerable amount of money and should also be considered. In addition, if you have a family, consider how it will settle in a new place.
For the device to work in the Northern region need to do the local registration. Ads about such services can be found in Newspapers. It would be better if this question will give you a reliable recommendation of friends or acquaintances.
When looking for a job on the spot, you can use the services of the employment service. They will provide expert assistance in the selection of jobs, and if necessary, help with the retraining.