Who is Headhunter?

Headhunter (headhunter, hunter) - is a specialist that deals with searching and poaching in the customer's company highly skilled employees. He might find a valuable employee, to persuade him to leave the firm-competitor and close the position.
Unlike recruiters, who choose a suitable candidate from a sufficiently large number of candidates, head-hunters are looking for professionals who are not interested in change work, is a successful and well earning.

"The bounty hunter" should have a system thinking, ability to analyze information and make correct conclusion. In addition, it requires a developed intuition, which allows you to navigate any difficult situation. Also Headhunter should have the talent of a psychologist and communication skills, be persistent, determined and strong-willed.

Such a position may be suitable for any specialist with higher education, if only his personal qualities is compatible with the character of the work. However, it is believed that, ideally, he should have psychological education.

Career and salary of Headhunter

The head-hunters - very popular experts in recruiting agencies and large companies. Higher demand for the services of "bounty hunters" show companies that:
- work in Finance, high technology and telecommunications;
- engaged in retail trade and production of consumer goods.
Given that Headhunter is looking for professionals for high-level positions with an appropriate wage, his fee can be quite large.

Major career steps in Headhunter only two: first consultant and then a partner. Further career growth this specialist is not measured by promotions and salary level.

Usually the main part of the salary "bounty hunter" are fees for "closed jobs". The hunter's fee is a certain percentage of the wages of the employed person. This percentage can reach up to 1/3 of annual income found candidate. Naturally, the money the hunter pays employers specialist.

What is the job of Headhunter?

Headhunter can not only entice a valued employee of a prosperous company, but to find out important and secret information about its leaders. He have informants in various fields. In General, the "bounty hunter" acts as a real scout.

Headhunter analyzes the market and then is a long list that is a list of those organizations where you can find a suitable candidate. When you call a headhunter is such a candidate yourself and your firm/company, as well as indicates the purpose of his call. In the ensuing conversation he tries to interest his interlocutor, that he agreed to an interview.

This interview can take place both at the Agency and on neutral territory if the applicant does not want to "Shine" at the headhunting company. After selecting suitable candidates, "the bounty hunter" is their customer, and then arranges a meeting with those candidates who made the best impression.