It is believed that to find work in the embassies of various countries in Russia is quite difficult, and take back mainly familiar. This is not so. On various sites for job search there are jobs embassies. Therefore, in many cases, you only need to send your CV to the vacancy.
Often and the embassies ' websites publish information about new vacancies. so does, for example, the Embassy of the United States (, the candidate has to find a job and send resume. In some cases, require additional documents such as copy of diploma on higher education. Then everything develops according to the standard scenario, and the candidate invited for an interview.
The Embassy requires, as a rule, employees of consular offices, accountants, administrative workers, drivers. The basic requirements are similar to requirements for such employees of any other companies. Important difference - you must know the language of the country of the Embassy you are going to work. Language proficiency may be required in many positions. It is also important the knowledge of English language.