You will need
  • 1. Email job-resources on which you placed summary
  • 2. E-mail address from which you have not registered on job-sites
  • 3. The exact wording of the position for which you are applying and which is indicated in the summary
Try to start the easiest way to "go out" to information about themselves contained in the global network - enter your name into a search engine. If you are registered on multiple sites for job seekers and employers, find the summary in this way will fail for sure. Hidden from the search engines information only with those job resources that provide a database of applicants for a fee and do not give open access to their banks summary.
Start point search if the "search engine" at your request what you need, not learned - go to the site where you can find work posted its summary. Look for the section "find employee" ("search summary", "finder", "database summary", how else can it be called). To view the summary on behalf of the employer, you may have to register, but you only need one email address from which you confirm the registration.
Next, choose under "search summary" their specialization (area of activity that you are in your summary pointed out). You will see a list of similar titles consisting of the names of those positions, which are claimed by the applicants, who among them should be this role that would be willing to take you. Most often, the summary is sorted by date, so if you posted it recently, it should be somewhere on the surface and easy to find.