You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - copy of passport.
Find out where the nearest branch of the red Cross. Use the help Desk in your city, region or ask for information in the Russian Red Cross in Moscow.
Read the official information about the history of this organization, read the documents - regulations and rules that govern the at-large members.
Please contact the branch of the Russian red Crossand a statement about taking you to the members (it can be done only adult citizens). As soon as your candidacy is approved, you will receive a membership card of the established sample. Pay contributions (from 10 to 500 rubles per year). Get information about upcoming events where you can participate.
If you don't want to be an official member of the red Crossand you can take part in the work of the ALAC as a volunteer (14 years). Contact oral or written statement to the Department of the red Crossand you will enter into a contract, which specify the type and extent of volunteer work. At any time you can terminate the contract. You can volunteer as a blood donor attendant care (at home or in the hospital), to distribute humanitarian aid or to disseminate information about the activities of the red Cross. Depending on the type of work you may be asked to provide a recommendation, certificates of education. Usually, the organization will assume all travel and expenses in your work as a volunteer.
Follow the vacancies on the official websites of the red Crossand, if you want to work on a professional basis. Often, the organization conducts a competitive selection process to work directly in the office or as doctors, nurses, etc. Knowledge of multiple languages will increase your chances of getting a job. You can apply not only to the ALAC, but in the foreign Department of the red Crossand red Crescent societies.