The position of tourism Manager can combine a variety of functions. The bigger the company, the narrower the scope of responsibilities of each employee. The company-tour operators suggested options work on the formation of agent network in the regions and travel agencies staff most of the time communicates with clients directly.
The beginner should consider a large company – there are often open jobs. Maybe you should start with a lower position, having worked, for example, as an assistant Manager or trainee. Unfortunately, most trainees don't receive a salary – they work only on interest or experience.
If you want to become a Manager, don't settle for the post of courier. Staying in the status of an Intern or assistant, you learn the necessary skills to communicate with clients, work with objections, picking rounds, learn a special computer program at the time of booking. The courier most of the time outside the office, and the chance to enhance their skills almost does not matter. In addition, the line indicating that position is unlikely to decorate your resume.
Select the appropriate jobs and send them at the specified address to your CV with obligatory indication of the position for which you are applying. Good idea to include a cover letter and your photo. After a couple of days after sending, call the company and ask whether your paper.
Preparing for the interview learn everything you can about the company you want to settle down. Visit her website, check out the program, read the customer reviews. Nice to see other sites dedicated to tourism. Conversing with a representative of the employer, be sure to mention that you found out.
During the interview, behave as polite, do not argue with an opponent. Note that correctness, non-conflict and confidence – important qualities for a future Manager on tourism.
If you offered to pay less than you expected, find out what conditions and when can you count on its growth. * Do not inflate requirements, if you have no experience in the field of tourism. To dictate, you must have your base and some practice. But in a year you will be able to qualify for more – in this company, or its competitors.