When applying for a job in a travel Agency , it is necessary to prepare in advance, think through the questions that you asked, and the answers to them. Be prepared that the questions will not only cover your specifics, but to test stress resistance, ability to work in a team.
Make a summary. It should contain all the necessary information about you. Fill in your personal data, address, and contact numbers, marital status and place of previous work. Left after the conversation, the summary will not remain without attention because this indicates your seriousness regarding the position of readiness to the working process.
When forming first impressions important in recent years is the visual factor. If superficially nice person, and working with him will be pleased too.
Try not to be too pushy, but too modest and too quiet to be not worth it. Differently from other applicants you simply do not notice. Standard requirements for positions in the tour company experience in tourism, industry knowledge, ability to work in the system of master-tour, knowledge of the basic travel technology, English language – a level sufficient for keeping business correspondence and communication with partners. Significant when applying for a job are also personal qualities – kindness, care and accuracy.
Try to show your attitude to work, commitment to professional development and how important the job is to you. And you certainly occupy a desired position and will move from the status of the applicant in the status of the employee of the travel Agency.