Remember that a girl can't call for compulsory service in the army without her personal consent. Those women who want to serve, can come to study in military schools or in the school of ensigns, also to conclude the contract on military service under the contract. Physical health women are requirements are the same as in relation to men.
When you've made a decision about military service, you must contact the recruiting office at the place of residence and ask the commander of the military unit, whether vacant posts for women, as the military Commissariat prepares females only via commander.
If you have found a suitable job for yourself that suits you, fill in the questionnaire for the recruit. Statements on the service contract are registered and processed within a certain time. The requirements for all recruits, are: moral, mental health, age ranges from 18 to 35 years old must be fit for service in the army, etc.
Provide a statement along the following required documents: autobiography in writing, a certified copy of employment record, documents on education (higher or secondary professional), identity document, marriage certificate and copies of children's birth and other documents stipulated by the legislation. The exact list of documents, ask your leaders of their military units.
Wait for the decision of the draft Board. However, the statement can be returned by the unit commander in case of non compliance with the requirements of the candidate. If you have received a confirmation call in the army, sign a contract, carefully check its contents. If both parties are satisfied with all the terms, sign it and wait for the start date of the service.