If you decide to change your life and fill it with light of faith, ask for help to the believers in the mosque. They will tell you in detail about the procedure of the adoption of Islam and appoint a day of dedication.
Well wash on the appointed day. Your body and mind should be clean. You have to pronounce the Shahada in front of two witnesses-men in the mosque. Shahada is: "Ashadu, La ilaha illal Laach, VA ashhadu, muhammadun rasulul Laach", which translates as "there is No God but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger". With these words, you surrender yourself under the protection of Allah.
You have to understand that the adoption of this faith is the greatest gift, so to become a true Muslim, words alone are not enough. You must obtain the appropriate knowledge of religion.
Believe in the one and Only Creator, and in the sexless angels who obey Allah. Follow all the Scriptures and the Holy Quran. True Muslims believe in the prophets and messengers of God. They say judgment Day is the line between the temporal and the eternal.
Follow the Qur'an not only in front of other people. Remember that God knows all your deeds, before him you will answer for their wrong doing.
Make daily prayer five times. In the month of Ramadan fasting. At least once in your life take a pilgrimage to Mecca, if you allow it financial possibilities. Serve alms to the needy.
Get rid of bad thoughts and bad habits. Do not take polytheism and false religion. Learn to be content with little, avoiding all temptations.
Remember, a true Muslim must be endowed with certain traits. She obliged easily cope with all household chores, to admire her husband and to please him. Muslim woman gives birth and raises the children, keeps a home, she is friendly and cautious with everyone.
Help around your husband, stay with him. Take care of your and his honor before men and God. Put yourself in an example of the highest morality and nurture his soul with the demeanour pleasing to God.