On many websites and forums devoted to the life of Arab women, often go a very heated debate about their real situation. There are several key myths prevalent among feminists. Western feminists are constantly trying to fight for the liberation of Eastern women from under men's oppression. Women from Europe to their daughters do not want their husbands-Muslims, and the question arises: why? Yes, because Western society formed a certain image of the odious Arab-Muslim who has several wives, it beats them allows you to learn, is a terrorist.
Men professing Islam, society ascribes the image of a terrorist, ready to blow up anything and anywhere, who does not love their children, especially girls, rejoice at the birth exclusively to boys. And his wives he doesn't go out the house, they can do so only in the company of other family members. In a word, is drawn ugly, even frightening, image of a man, a tyrant, who needs to please a Muslim.
Some women, of Russian origin, accepted Islam, married to Arabs who move to permanent residence in the countries of the Islamic world. They tell a lot about his life on the Internet. The myth that Muslim women have no rights, is fundamentally untrue. The women there can learn, to work and to participate in social life.
The fact that the girls in the East give married without love, is not true. They considered the main to the husband and wife were not nasty to each other, so girls can quite easily find a husband for love. Parents also do not have a great resistance to the Union of the young. Here one can cite the example of women in Europe, Russia, USA. Here they fit to the envy of Muslim women, they marry and live with my husband, who is obliged to support his family. Muslim man will never drive the wife to work. The civilized West is increasingly practicing civil unions "for grinding". But this is just a cover of the irresponsible attitude of Western men towards women and the family.
To beat his wife Muslims can't and won't do it. In the first place, it well beat relatives of his wife. If the wife has bruising, it is grounds to dissolve the marriage and to sue the husband most of the property. To go anywhere without her husband's permission is actually impossible. But if he thinks that in some place, then don't. And intelligent woman of the East has always believed that the man is the head. But she is the neck! And the head will always face the way her neck turn.