Find out whether your higher education military Department. To do only the students enrolled in major programs.
Please contact the military Department. There you will be given a sample of writing the application for training, which is addressed to the rector of a higher educational institution.
Select the military occupational specialty for which you want to study and specify it in the statement.
Get a referral to the medical Commission, which is issued in the military Department.
Pass a medical examination at the Department of the military Commissariat at the place of residence. The military Department shall be credited by the citizens, are fit and suitable with slight limitations for health reasons (the group's date A and B).
Pass the fitness test (usually at the Department of physical culture. Check the venue at the military Department).
Bring the results of the inspection of physical training and the results of the medical Commission of the military Department.
Sign a contract with the military Department about the training programs of preparation of reserve officers. After the signing of this document you will be enrolled student at the military Department.