If you offer to find a phone using satellite, do not install any programs without attaching any services from the operator, and even without getting permission from its owner, first read the terms of service. You will find that dealing with "funny games." Do not forget to check with the cost of providing the service. You will be surprised how "free" you are offered to find the phone, and, besides, not really.
Approximately (to within a few hundred meters) to find the phone and without using any satellites. Not free but much cheaper than offered by the scammers. But under one condition: the subscriber will agree that its location will determine. Check with your operator what SMS commands you must configure the phone and also camera, who are you going to look. Some operators even offer several pricing options for such services: unlimited or pay per request (which is less profitable).
If the phone that you are going to determine connected unlimited Internet access, and the device is equipped with a satellite navigation receiver system GLONASS or GPS, install the app, transforming it into a tracker. Many of them are free. For the very service you will not pay anything in addition to existing subscription fees for unlimited Internet. After that, you will have to register on a special website, enter the username and password. You can see where the phone always, when it is running. Note that if the phone runs on J2ME platform, run the program tracker will be available only when not used by other applications. When the program is not running, to determine the location of the phone will be impossible.
If we are talking about determining the location of a phone belonging to the child, it is better to change the machine on special. Tracker app it is built into the firmware and runs in the background always, when plugged.
Finally, if the phone is stolen, and the program location, working in the background on it, or the attacker, she was found and deactivated, the only way to detect unit will appeal to law enforcement agencies. Pre-block the SIM card and get a new one with the same number.