Clients of "MegaFon" can request a search by contacting the official website And this does not have to access the Internet from the computer because the developers have created a mobile version of the site. On this page you can find out the coordinates you need. In addition, you will be available and a map on which are marked all the data.
By the way, this is not the only way of finding other subscribers. Users of MegaFon are also available sending a special USSD-command. Just start typing a number *148*phone number# and press the call button. Do not forget to specify the phone number should be only +7. In addition, you can make a call to the short number 0888 (it is possible to call only from a mobile). As soon as the operator receives your application, it will send the message to the number of the wanted subscriber. He, in turn, must either reject or confirm the request. Please note that for each use of this service, your account will be debited with the amount of 5 rubles.
A separate service in the "MegaFon" is available only to children and their parents. It allows at any time to check on the whereabouts of your child. To be able to use the service, you must be connected to one of the tariff plans, namely: "Smeshariki" or "Ring-Ding". The tariffs the operator with time to change on your own, therefore it is always better to compare the available information with the official website of the company.
Clients of MTS can order the service "Locator". To do this, send the number 6677 telephone number of the person you want to find.
The operator "Beeline" is no exception. Its subscribers can find out the location of another person by means of number 06849924 or 684. The first number to call, and the second to send the SMS message with the text L.