Before you use the service, connect it. This communication operator "Beeline" provides a toll-free number 06849924. Once activated, you can send lookup requests of other subscribers. The request is sent as follows: type a text message with the letter L and send it to short number 684. The cost of using the service is two of the ruble and five kopeks.
If you are in range of a network "Megaphone", then use one of the two proposed services to find customers. The first of them developed exclusively for children and parents, and are thus available only in selected tariffs, namely: "Smeshariki" and "Ring-Ding". By the way, the list of such tariffs may change over time. So sometimes visit the official website and get the latest information about the terms of service.
Another way is universal, it is available for all clients of "MegaFon". To use search, go to services or call 0888. Please note that when obtaining the coordinates of the location through the website you will be sent a map on which they will be listed. In addition, the request for a search of the person can be done via USSD number *148*(number)#. Room provide only +7. Each time, the service will cost the subscriber 5 rubles.
In the area of the MTS is also possible to use the "Locator". For this you need to send a request to 6677. In the request body, specify the number of the person you are looking for, and his name. However, the search will not be possible if the wanted person does not consent to it. Only after his confirmation, the operator will send you the coordinates of his location. The cost of the sent message will be about 10 rubles.