When crossing the Russian border

Passport control includes checking of documents entitling you to the departure to another country. Depending on the visited country list of documents may be different. The total is a valid passport, but may require additional documents. For example, the presence of a Schengen visa for Schengen countries.

If traveling with a baby goes just a mom, an employee has the right to ask to present a notarised authorisation from the Pope for the removal of the child outside the country.

The passport control officer may ask you for return ticket confirming your intention to return to the country, or ask for reservation of hotels.

Don't forget that at the passport control check: is not prohibited for you to leave the country by the bailiffs.

If everything is in order, you will put a stamp about departure.

Read more about documents can be found in the embassies of Russia, the foreign Ministry and travel agencies. Be sure to check the latest changes in the rules that occur quite often.

Upon returning to Russia passport control is not as strict. You just put an entry stamp back.

When crossing a foreign border

What documents will be verified and that you will have to ask the passport control officer in another country on arrival, depends on agreements between States. All requirements please inquire in advance. In some countries, for example, require the presence of the passport, which expires no later than six months after the trip. If, before the end of validity of the passport remains 5 months, and you came for 2 weeks, the airport employee has the right to refuse you entry.

With many countries Russia has concluded agreements on visa-free stay. This means that you can visit this country without a tourist visa. But you will be asked to fill in a special document, such as an immigration card.

If the visa is not a tourist, you may ask a package of documents. For example, if a work visa, I will ask permission to work. Or if the visa training, will ask the documents from the school.

You can ask about the purpose of the trip, as well be asked to show return tickets and reservation of hotels, to confirm the availability of sufficient funds for stay in the country. In the absence of documents you can refuse entry. If everything is in order, it will make your photos and put the entry stamp indicating the date of arrival and dates of departure.

When departing back to Russia you just put a stamp about departure in your passport, and check not exceeded the period of stay in the country. If Yes, then be prepared to pay a fine.

Often employees of passport control does not ask to submit all the necessary documents, but you should not rely on the case. It at passport control passengers denied entry or exit. Better you will have a little more paperwork with them, and they are not useful to you, than you will miss your plane.