It is best to get a job in Turkey officially, that is, with registration at the Consulate a full working visa. This will allow you to protect yourself from many problems and difficulties related to cooperation with Turkish unscrupulous employers. Of course, the execution of all necessary documentation it will take several months, but after all this, you officially settled on their specialty in Turkey.

Work in Turkey for the Russian involves a lot of risk, so carefully check the reputation of the company where you are going to find a job. If you have any doubts, give up the idea of such earnings. Mal last years there are many cases when people went in there and disappeared without a trace. So be extremely careful.

To find the employer you can on Turkish and Russian websites, where you can find a lot of interesting jobs. Lately, due to the high pay and comfortable conditions for life, work animator in Turkey is very popular with local specialists. And this is due to the fact that, unfortunately, in Russia the works of such payment and such prospects.

However, this is not the only possible vacancy. If you know a foreign language and love to travel, try to get guide or the hotel Manager. You will have the opportunity to improve foreign language skills, to communicate with people from different countries and we should study Turkey. In addition, you can successfully work with Russian tourists, telling them about Turkey in Russian. Please contact directly to the websites of Turkish hotels and ask do they need the workers of this class.

If you are a student of University and studying a degree related to tourism or foreign languages, talk with the employees of Dean's office or student organization. Many universities have international programs specifically for students. To go out only for 3-5 months, but even such an experience will not prevent you in the future.