What to bring and when to arrive

For passport control and registration of the aircraft you will need ID and ticket or itinerary / receipt is prepared. Sometimes security officers in Domodedovo are asked to show it at the entrance, so it is always better to print this document.

Check-in at Domodedovo begins no later than three hours before departure, but often even earlier, especially for international flights. This procedure ends 40 minutes before departure. It is best to come to the airport a bit in advance.

On domestic flights are advised to arrive at least two hours before departure, and internationally – about five hours. Some destinations may require long checks usually reported on them separately when purchasing the ticket.

Check-in at Domodedovo

At the entrance to the airport you need to skip your belongings through the baggage scanner, and to pass through the frame. Then you get into the great hall, where right near the entrance you will see a Board with the specified reception. Find where your flight.

From the point of view of registration, Domodedovo is the most convenient airport in Moscow, as it is not divided into several terminals, which are usually confused about inexperienced passengers. All reception in one location. They are numbered, so find your flight will be very simple.

On the counter, show your documents, hand in your baggage. You will be given a baggage receipt (a small sticker with a number and barcode) and your boarding pass. On the pass listed gate number of the departure gate. After registration you need to go to passport control. Airline employee at the Desk will tell you where it is.

Passport control

Usually control is on the turn. Don't cross the yellow line when you wait – you will see a warning about it. Then you need to reach the passport officer he will review your document and put in it a stamp about departure. All officially you left Russia. Now you need to pass inspection and customs control.

If you are exporting something of value that needs to declare it will give you the papers that need to be filled. Those who are unlucky nothing special, simply put all metal objects and hand Luggage in a tray, put it on tape and go through the scanner. In Domodedovo installed scanning devices that do not need to take off your shoes: a nice change.


After passing the control you get into the zone duty free. Here you can do some shopping, to eat or rest if you have time. No later than 30 minutes before departure time, you need to go to make my move, not to be late for fit. Signs with numbers of exits are hanging everywhere, so getting lost is very difficult. If in doubt, you can ask any airport employee.

When you begin planting, you will have to wait for the last test is the scanning of the boarding pass. One part will remain with the airport employee, the other will be given to you. It remains only to take the bus, which takes you to the plane. Often the aircraft will offer a special ramp that can be accessed directly from inside the airport building.