First, get a law degree. This is the very first requirement in order to apply for a job in the court. Do not forget - the better the acquired knowledge and their evaluation, the better.
Go practice if you have no experience. This can be done both during training and after its completion. Practice is a great way to understand what really constitutes the work in court. You will also be able to show themselves, to evaluate school knowledge and acquire useful skills. Good practice will help in the future to get a job in the court.
Decide if you well to work in court. You'll need high resistance to stress and calm.
Remember, if there were to be criminal convictions and all sorts of "dark" stories you and your relatives. Most likely, they will be a serious obstacle when applying for a job in the court.
Use different information sources for finding vacancies. You can help friends and acquaintances, recruitment agencies, ads in the press. You can also apply directly to the court and ask about available jobs. If you haven't had any experience in addition to the practice is likely to become a judge just does not work. But there is a good chance to get the position of assistant or Secretary.
Pass the qualifying exam for judges, if they intend to occupy it. This requires good experience and knowledge.