You will need
  • – diploma of higher education (primarily in professions: oil and gas industry, engineering expertise, construction, etc.) or direction from the University;
  • the summary (in two languages for employment in a foreign or international company);
  • – certificates or diplomas of completion of courses of specialisation (required for employees with narrow specializations).
Select the list of positions for which you may qualify based on the education and work experience. You should consider the fact that the oil companies are interested in experts in different fields. In addition to technical workers, the oil and gas sector consistently interested in professional legal, accounting and other specializations. As a rule, preference is given to specialists with experience in the oil and gas companies. But do not forget that in this industry companies engaged in the extraction and processing of oil, there is fierce competition among enterprises. That is why a person with considerable experience working on a competing enterprise, can be treated with outright caution and deny him if during the interview he will not be able to explain the reason for leaving the previous place of work.
Make a resume according to the standard model. Be sure to specify in the summary of their positive attitude to travel in if you are applying for a technical position. However, many service personnel of oil companies agree to review only those resumes that are issued on a special form of enterprise. Specify the availability of certificates of advanced training and training, if any. Service personnel have the right to request the number of the granted certificates to verify the authenticity of your words.
Let's search for vacancies in selected occupations. Use the message boards on the Internet and similar printed publications. It should be remembered that many oil and gas companies put their vacancies in the official website. It is therefore necessary to find the addresses of all interested companies and to check their official websites.
Send summary for all selected locations. It should be remembered that when applying an international or foreign company is supposed to send a summary in two languages.