You will need
  • - certificate of complete secondary education;
  • - medical certificate;
  • - certificate with the results of the exam.
Choose a school in which the training of helicopter pilots. These include, for example Syzran military aviation school and Ulyanovsk school of civil aviation. Focus on the location of the institution, as well as the type of aircraft used in the training. This information is given on the website of the schools.
If you have the opportunity, enroll in preparatory courses. You will be able not only to improve your knowledge before taking the exam, but also to get acquainted with future teachers and classmates.
Turn in the exam. For admission you will need items such as Russian language, mathematics, physics and social studies.
Collect documents required for admission. In addition to the documents on education and the results of the exam, you will need to get in medical institutions of the information and surveys necessary for the medical examination. These include fluoroscopy, lung, and blood test results for HIV and hepatitis, help from a dermatologist-venereologist and a psychiatrist about the condition.
Submit the documents to the admissions office. Also you will need to write a statement for admission to College.
Pass a medical examination and verification of physical fitness. Your sports and medical indicators are not less important in the profession of a pilot than your knowledge.
Wait for the announcement of the results of the selection Committee. They will be published in the order of the head of the school of enrollment of students that have passed the competition. If you are not in the list, but you scored points enough to pass the minimum threshold, you may qualify for enrollment in College-based tuition. This is possible if you will get a place allocated for training on a paid basis. Information about this feature, you can get in the admissions office of the school.