Short courses speech therapists now offer many training centres. Prior to enroll, think about where you want to work. You can of course take a private children's centre. You can even organize such a centre. In this case, nobody will be interested in what you have a degree your customers is much more important to know how you work. But in state educational and medical institutions have qualification requirements, in accordance with which the speech therapist must be specialized higher education.
050715.65 specialty "Speech therapy" can be obtained from the faculty of defectology of some pedagogical universities. For example, Moscow psycho-social University, Moscow pedagogical state University, Russian state pedagogical University. A. I. Herzen Leningrad pedagogical University. Pushkin and some other universities.
In most institutions of higher education can be obtained at the defectological specialities education at both the paid and on a budgetary basis. Possible full-time and correspondence forms of training. For obtaining the specialty "Speech therapy" enough undergraduate, graduate allows you to specialization "the Teacher of integrated education", "Psychological and pedagogical support of children with violations of speech development", "Diagnostics and correction of speech in children". The master's degree prepares specialists for the correction of specific types of speech disorders, including heavy stuttering alalia, etc.
To apply for the defectology faculty, you need to pass the exam on the Russian language, mathematics and biology. Those who are still in school, applications for exams gathers the Deputy Director on educational work. Those who graduated from high school a few years ago, you have until March 1 to apply to the local education office and write a statement. The results of the unified state examination are valid for two years.
The profession of speech therapy often want to get people who already have a higher education. They provide a certificate of completion of pedagogical, medical or psychological institution and are studying on a paid basis.